Terou Nakamura was the last Japanese soldier to surrender after the fall of Japan, hiding on an Indonesian island. He surrendered in 1974, 30 years after he had been declared dead.

That’s who I thought of when I noticed that Team Söring had found one of the last people in Germany willing to endorse Jens Söring’s innocence claims: the Kiel-based Protestant pastor Marco Voigt (g). In his Easter message, entitled “Blessed Easter” (!), broadcast on the public radio station North German Radio, he invited none other than Jens Söring to reflect on matters religious.

It’s curious, because in the interview itself, Söring confesses that he lost his faith in 2009. He also, of course, aims his ire at Virginia prisons, which he claims offer no rehabilitation at all, do nothing for mentally ill prisoners, and are solely oriented toward punishment, not rehabilitation. The Virginia prison system would beg to differ. American prisons are certainly harsher than German ones, but Söring is here reciting exaggerations which he knows will be happily endorsed by the left-liberal Green voters of the German mainline Protestant church. Of course “the Amis” are revenge-obsessed fanatics, everyone knows that!

The cherry on top is that both the German Protestant Church and North German Radio are financed by the German public. At the end of the interview, Voigt recommends listeners to read Söring’s two German-language books, which, of course, are replete with lies and defamation.

Of course, I plan to contact both Mr. Voigt and NDR — who really (g) should (g) know better by now — to complain about this appearance. Perhaps some readers will be motivated to do so as well. If you do, be respectful and polite — but firm. Both NDR and Voigt could have discovered problems with Söring’s story with a 2-second Google search. The fact that they didn’t is recklessness, at this point.

11 responses to “NDR Offers Spiritual Advice from an Unrepentant Atheist Murderer”

  1. Was für eine Sekte ist das hier? Ich hoffe allen Medienveranstaltern ist bewusst, dass das hier Stalking ist. Sie driften ab, Herr Hammel.

    1. Dann ist der Freundeskreis um Söring auch sektengleich.

  2. The German Protestant Curch (as the German Catholic Curch) is financed by its members, not by the German public.

    1. Christoph Lehner Avatar
      Christoph Lehner

      Sad as it is, not true. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirchenfinanzierung#Finanzierung_aus_staatlichen_Mitteln Especially … e.g. “Bishops” and “Cardinals” are directly paid by the government.

      1. That just makes it more insane, IMHO.

    2. Yes, yes, I understand that neither the Church nor public radio is formally financed directly by taxes. But this objection is based on a meaningless technicality. The German government will throw you in jail if you don’t pay your public-broadcasting license fee, so I think that makes it a tax. And the German government has created and maintains the entire system for payment of the “church tax”, so it is also involved up to the elbows. You can leave the church, but where do you go if you want to do that? A government office.

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Ignoring the meaningless distinctions, the TV tax and the church tax are…taxes.

      1. Christoph Lehner Avatar
        Christoph Lehner


  3. Finde nicht gut was sie da anzetteln…

  4. […] a few posts ago, North German Radio (NDR) broadcast a very strange interview with Jens Söring on Easter Sunday. I wondered what exactly the host was thinking, hosting an unrepentant killer and avowed […]

  5. Werter Herr Hammel, bei allem Verständnis für die Kritik an Pastor Voigt und dem NDR bitte ich Sie, doch selber sachlich und fair zu bleiben. Ihr Satz: “(…) but Söring is here reciting exaggerations which he knows will be happily endorsed by the left-liberal Green voters of the German mainline Protestant church” zeigt Ressentiments und Vorurteile gegenüber einer bestimmten politischen Richtung, die Ihrem Anliegen nicht guttun. (Es ist ja nicht so, dass amerikanische Gerichte nicht zu Fehlurteilen fähig wären; dadurch unterscheiden sie sich in nichts von der Justiz in anderen Rechtsstaaten.)
    Sie kämpfen, soweit ich weiß, gegen die Todesstrafe. Ich wünsche Ihnen dabei viel Erfolg, denn sie ist m.E. einer der Hauptgründe für alle Vorurteile gegen das amerikanische Justizsystem. Dieses Engagement dürfte übrigens die größte Zustimmung und breiteste Unterstützung bei Linksliberalen finden…

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